“A Category 5 Winter Storm?” NOAA Testing New Winter Rating Scale

Weather is democratic. An EF-3 tornado is just as destructive in Nashville as it is in Pittsburgh. A Category 2 hurricane threatening Tampa will have impacts similar to a Category 2 hurricane pinwheeling toward Houston.

But winter storms are…

Hurricanes are America’s deadliest natural disasters. They’re expensive, too. According to USA FACTS, adjusting for inflation, 7 of the 10 most expensive natural disasters have been hurricanes. Of those 7, 6 have happened since 2000.

Technological breakthroughs like weather satellites and computer models have lowered the death toll over time…

True story. One of my previous weather-tech companies, EarthWatch Communications, created 3-D weather graphics for the 1993 movie blockbuster “Jurassic Park”. While filming special effects at Universal Studios, I had a chance to chat with Steven Spielberg. My brush with fame. What did we talk about? The weather, of all…

Paul Douglas

Paul Douglas is a nationally-respected meteorologist, with 40 years of broadcast television and radio experience.

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